Where’s Riverbend?

She’s a young Iraqi woman living in Baghdad who blogs eloquently about the disintegrating situation there. Her last post, dated Aug. 5, was pessimistic. Things had become impossibly dangerous, and many were leaving.

Now it’s been almost six weeks since that post, and while she can go weeks without posting, this is her longest pause yet.

Godspeed, Riverbend.


  1. I do hope that Riverbend is ok. I love reading her blog. I hope she posts something soon to reassure us.

  2. Alas, I have feared the worst lo these past three weeks, though reluctant to raise the observation.

    Alas, (We’ve) got bloodstains on (our) fingers!

  3. I am becoming increasingly concerned for Riverbend. I check her blog everyday, sometimes multiple times in a day, looking for reassurance that she is O.K. She is looked on by many as a friend and a living, breathing connection to what is really going on in Iraq. I have suspected for a while that she and her family might leave Iraq; I hope this is what happened and we will hear from her soon. God bless you Riverbend. You are in all of our prayers.

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