Neocon agenda circling the drain

A top Marine says the situation in west Iraq is lost politically, and nothing can be done to fix it. Nonsense. Lots can be done. First, the US withdraws from Iraq and lets Iraqis put their country back together again. Then the US pledges to stop invading countries based on made-up lies and pays reparations to the countries it did invade. Were this to happen, you bet the world would become a way more peaceful place.

CIA officers are buying legal insurance in case they’re sued or indicted. But hey, more than a few of them have aided and abetted torture and other nasty crimes, so don’t waste sympathy on them. They sure didn’t have any for those they shipped to Uzbekistan to be tortured.

The Bush and neocon agendas lie in tatters. Even Bush’s own party is ignoring him now, as witness their recent refusal to confirm John Bolton or the growing numbers of Republican candidates who refuse to appear on a podium with Bush.

Way too many have died because of the imperialist bloodlust of the necons. Now that they’re weakening, let’s redouble our efforts and protests. I remember the Watergate era. Most, even towards the end, never believed Nixon could be driven from power. But he was. That didn’t happen so much because of something Congress did (although Congressmembers did possess actual vertebrae then) but because the will of the people made it so.

In Britain, Tony Blair is fatally wounded. He will not survive. Neither will Bush. Mark my words. He will fall.