Microsoft Vista helpfulness

Chris Pirillo notes exciting things about Vista. For example, you’ll need a fast 2 gig memory stick in addition to a new computer to run it at any decent speed. While some might be taken aback by this, Microsoft clearly believes that, for the privilege of running Vista, buying a new computer is hardly too much to ask.

Other helpful new features include no horizontal scroll bars in Explorer. Wow!

But wait, there’s more. If Vista crashes, you may get an error message saying Microsoft knows about the problem and is working on a fix. Don’t know about you, but I’m getting warm, fuzzy feelings thinking about how Vista will be looking out for me.

We look forward to future Microsoft enhancements, such as the new Error Message module that alerts you that your computer has been compromised by spyware, that a fix should arrive within just a few weeks, then offers condolences because you need to reformat.


  1. It sounds that the message will be something like: “Hey something crashed but we already knew that there was a problem with that and we’re working towards fixing it in the next release of Windows 6 years from now. Sorry for shipping with that bug!”

  2. Not only is ReadyBoost a pretty dumb idea for multiple reasons (USB bus requires CPU intervention, Flash memory has a limited amount of write operations before it dies, writing cache to an external device is just dumb, etc.) he goes even further by recommending a crappy off-brand like Apacer that’s more expensive than buying an OCZ Rally2 which is dual channel and has an all aluminum casing so that it sheds heat better, it’s like $30 on Newegg right now for a 2GB after a rebate, otherwise it’s the same price. Beyond that, I don’t think Chris Pirillo has advanced beyond the basic user stage if he’s wowed by poorly implemented features ripped off from OS X and original features that don’t work as advertised. When I messed around with the Release Candidate I was definitely not impressed. Vista won’t be touching any computer I have control over for a very very long time (at least not till after SP1 comes out for it).

  3. Pirillo’s post was, I think, satirical. Maybe not obvious enough, but check his other posts on Vista. He’s been cheerily bashing it.

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