Slow weekend, war coming?

With the long holiday weekend almost upon us, news will seemingly slow down. But beneath the surface, things are churning. Like John Robb, I too believe the neocons will invade Iran. Let’s see, they’ve invaded three countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon) so far, have lost or are losing their wars for plunder in all three, turned former allies into adversaries, are hemorrhaging support at home – so, if one is mentally unbalanced, clearly then, the only option is to do it all again hoping for a different outcome this time. They have gone quite insane, haven’t they?

So let’s enjoy these few days of rest. The firestorms will be here soon enough.

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  1. Where would the troops come from? The 140,000 in Iraq would disappear into the mobs if the US tried anything. While the Bushies are seriously divorced from reality, the military doesn’t seem to be. OTOH, losing 100,000 American troops would have some interesting political ramifications within the US.

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