Lieberman and netroots

Why is netroots so obsessed with Lieberman? Kos, AmericaBlog, Firedoglake, C&L, etc. are posting way too much – now hold on for their crucial insights – about how Lieberman is a dweeb, turncoat, and DINO. Well duh, we already know this. Netroots needs a new riff, as they’ve long since pounded this one into the ground.

Maybe they could ask themselves, since they claim to oppose the Iraq war, why they’ve been almost universally silent about the Lebanon invasion? Too timid to challenge the Zionists? Hey, it’s all part of the same war, and with the neocons continuing to make noises about invading Iran, this needs to be stopped before it happens, not after. Ignoring the Lebanon invasion, like netroots is mostly doing, is counter-productive at best and craven at worst. Or do they only oppose those invasions that the US is currently losing, as this makes Republicans look bad and thus (supposedly) helps Democrats?

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  1. This is their equivalent of Bill O’Reilly continually pointing out how six months ago he disagreed with the Republicans on some otherwise forgotten matter. They have to do it to keep up the illusion that they are not 99% hacks.

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