Internet Explorer 7 RC1

RC1 is probably the final beta version of Internet Explorer 7.0, which Microsoft plans to roll out everywhere by the end of the year.

While you wouldn’t want to install it on a mission-critical computer where IE is your main browser, it’s certainly stable enough to install elsewhere and play with. Lots of people have been using earlier versions for months now.

New features include anti-phishing, tabbed browsing, support for rss, and an instant search that defaults to Google and allows multiple search engines. It appears they’ve studied FireFox carefully indeed, as most of this has been in FireFox for quite a while.

The interface is cleaner, better organized, however there’s nothing new or startling here, nothing that will cause people to leave FireFox. I’m sort of underwhelmed actually. Basically, IE7 is nice but unspectacular.

Download IE 7 RC1. Note: It checks to see if your copy of Windows is legal and won’t download or install if you’ve been naughty.