Attention dual-booters

Installing Vista will wipe your master boot record

This means, for example, that if I install Ubuntu on my laptop along with XP that is already there, that when it comes time to upgrade from XP to Vista, the Vista installation will render my Ubuntu installation inaccessible.

How very thoughtful of Microsoft to destroy any other OS on your computer without asking or presenting options, more proof of a company that increasingly doesn’t get it.



  1. The word “thoughtful” above might have been meant sarcastically but I’d guess it was more accurate than you intended. As for not “getting it,” again I’d say that Microsoft does get it. That’s precisely why they adopt software (and this is hardly the first example) which disbles other people’s software.

  2. I run Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake) at home. I had originally planned to run XP with Ubuntu 5.1 and a die-hard-linux-user friend of mine (in other words, the kind of person that can balance his checkbook using a single line command separated by pipes (|) on a Linux shell) advised me to first install Windows and then Linux, because if I did it the other way around, Windows would wipe out the MBR. The funny thing was that I had THREE BLUE SCREENS OF DEATH trying to install Windows. On the third try I said “F’ it” and installed Ubuntu exclusively. In June I upgraded to Ubuntu 6.06 and haven’t looked back.

    Besides, whenever there’s a new OS out, I’d much rather backup my software and files, reformat and perform a clean install. I feel it works much better that way.

  3. This was unexpected? Has any Windows OS ever noticed anything besides a previous Windows OS and/or DOS? I don’t even trust Windows to obey the BIO’s LBS scheeme, which is why I don’t use partitions but physical drives to separate Windows from the other OS(es) I use.

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