2 Responses to If they did that in L.A., they’d get clubbed

  1. Joe Hartley Sun, Aug 20, 2006 at 8:54 am #

    When I first saw the pictures, I thought “my God, there are still Republicans in San Francisco!” With any luck, that’s what Dubya, Cheney, Hastert, Rumsfeld, and the rest of the crew will be looking like after the November elections.


  1. Politics in the Zeros»Blog Archive » Get those snakes onto a homepage! - Mon, Aug 21, 2006

    […] PS Sue says snakes on a plane and yesterday’s post on zombies in San Francisco does not “toast her biscuits”, not even slightly. Or pehaps it does, depending on whether having one’s biscuits toasted is a good or bad thing. She hopes this clarification muddies the waters further. […]