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  1. Though I’m nevever a fan of military action when it can be avoided (it should be the last rather than the first reaction to an international problem, a lesson long since learned by the rest of the world that Americans are having trouble learning), I do wonder whether a formal draft, mandatory and universal both for women or men, not exempting students and particularly not for social class, might in the long run act as a break against foreign adverturism. One reason people are not more mobilized is that their own kids are not at risk. Although it’s morally reprehensible to distinguish between your own kids and impoverished kids with no options, it’s the American way. By making sure that chickenhawks like Cheney can never have “other priorities” to avoid combat service, maybe there wouldn’t be such a rush to use other people’s children to satisfy one’s own geopolitical fantasies. I’m not sure it would work, but it’s certainly worth discussing.

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