Karr said he drugged her, yet the autopsy showed no drugs and inconclusive evidence of sexual assault. His ex-wife says he was with her in Alabama when the murder happened. His brother says he never lived in Denver.

National Ledger: “According to broadcast reports his DNA has yet to be matched with the crime scene evidence.”

Denver Post: The prosecutor is talking “presumption of innocence” and a D.A. says prosecutors never do that – unless they know they have no case. Also –

Karr reportedly said that he’d picked up JonBenét at school – even though the crime was committed on the day after Christmas, when school wasn’t in session.

The media slant now is definitely, hold on, something’s not adding up, which is quite a contrast to the rush to judgment on the Muslim cellphone arrests.


  1. I haven’t really followed this case but, was Karr even mentioned these past 10 years? By the media, the Ramsey family, his family, police, etc? I mean if he picked her up after school (for the sake of reason, let’s say that this was when school was actually in session!), JonBenet’s parent MUST have known him (if they were responsible people anyway). If my daughter was killed I would suspect anyone that had contact with her those past 6 years and I would’ve pointed out that there was this guy that picked up my daughter everyday after school. WTF?

    This sort of reminds me of a South Park episode in which one of the kids’ parents try to murder the kid (he survives) and they tell the media it was “some Puerto Rican guy” (typical “dangerous minority” stereotype).

  2. To be fair, in both cases the media is just echoing the line of the prosecution/D.A. In the cellphone cases, the prosecution was shouting about terrorism, and the media reported it.

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