Is Bush delusional?


President Bush made clear in a private meeting this week that he was concerned about the lack of progress in Iraq and frustrated that the new Iraqi government â┚¬â€ and the Iraqi people â┚¬â€ had not shown greater public support for the American mission.

Gosh, why would Iraqis be upset at the American government who invaded based on lies, destroyed the infrastructure, and precipitated an insurgency, civil war, and chaos. I guess Iraqis must hate freedom and love the evildoers. Or that’s how it must appear in the increasingly demented mind of Dubya. I mean, anyone who would say such things clearly has little contact with the real world. Ditto for Cheney and Rice. They are living in a dream world of unreality.


  1. Here’s another bit of idiocy
    BUSH: The first step is — and part of the mandate in the U.N. resolution was to secure Syria’s borders. Iran is able to ship weapons to Hezbollah through Syria.
    Secondly is to deal — is to help seal off the ports around Lebanon. In other words, part of the mandate and part of the mission of the troops, the UNIFIL troops, will be to seal off the Syrian border.

    Note that I can’t even understand what he means by “the ports around Lebanon” being sealed. Does he mean Lebanon’s ports? Note that you wouldn’t want to seal off Lebanon’s ports, since Lebanon will need to import things through them. That you could have such good port security in Lebanon that you could altogether screen out missile shipments is unlikely. Does he mean that Turkish, Syrian, and Israeli ports around Lebanon should be sealed. Just Syrian? Impractical.
    Note also that the little blue strip at the bottom of Lebanon is generally where the UN peacekeeping troops will be. They aren’t in a position to “seal off” the Syrian border, which stretches far to their northeast, and can’t be “sealed off” by anyone at all, being rugged and long.

    Can there be any doubt this clown hasn’t got a clue?

  2. “Who will bell the cat?”

    The mice had a meeting to decide how to stop the cat from attacking them. One mouse said, we put a bell around his neck then we will hear him coming. The other mice thought this a wondeful idea until an old mouse in the back said, who will bell the cat?

    Can’t imagine a whole lot of foreign powers will be wanting to send troops to Lebanon.

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