The one-sided resolution

Nether World nails it.

One of the weaknesses of the resolution is that it still allows Israel to murder Lebanese civilians provided it calls such atrocities ‘defensive measures’, while Hezbollah must cease all attacks whether they are defensive or not. Another weakness is that Israel has been given permission to stay in Lebanon until a security force appears which could take months. I doubt Hezbollah will tolerate the IDF occupation of a square inch of Lebanon for any length of time.

This highlights the main problem; the UN can decide what it likes but it’s events on the ground which matter. Lebanon, despite accepting the resolution has already expressed doubts about it stopping the war.

Does anyone genuinely think the ceasefire will hold? Maybe it’s just meant to buy Israel some breathing room…

Also, the resolution was done without even consulting Hezbollah, who have members in the Lebanese government. The whole deal has such an air of unreality about it that, well, why did they bother? Probably to save face for Israel, that’s why.

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  1. Does anyone genuinely think the ceasefire will hold?
    I just updated the Nether-World piece and added a screen grab from a Sky News poll. It makes grim reading: “Will the UN agreement end the Middle East cisis?” 9% Yes and 91% No. And that was when I grabbed it. It has plummeted from 12% and is now at 7%.

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