August 12. Stop the war on Lebanon and Palestine

Israeli warplanes strike Beirut

This Saturday, National march on Washington D.C.. Also in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and elsewhere.

Initiated by ANSWER, National Council of Arab Americans, and Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation.

Hundreds of organizations have endorsed August 12, including virtually every Arab and Muslim group. Caravans of buses are coming, with D.C. being the primary march.

Here in L.A., the phones in the ANSWER office have been ringing non-stop with press inquiries and people wanting information. Generally, we allow 3-4 months to build for a demo. This was organized in about three weeks. Even still, it’s looking like the protests will be sizable. While Democrats and Republicans in Congress remain silent and complicit on the war crimes being committed by Israel in Lebanon, tens of thousands will be protesting on Saturday. Be there.

Aug. 12 - National Council of Arab Americans

Aug. 12 - Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation

Aug. 12 - ANSWER Coalition

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