Cuba Venezuela team-up?

“Will Chavez replace Castro?” asked journalist Gwynne Dyer starting in at least Oct. 21, 2005.

Now he has another article on the same topic, and it’s getting worldwide play. He’s sees a possible Venezuela-Cuba partnership with Chavez as joint president. It gets odder. He cites Ana Faya, former member of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party who “fled to Canada in 2000” as the first to seriously suggest such a union. She says “it wouldn’t be outrageous.”

Can any of you old Cuba hands explain what’s going on here? Hey, such a joint government might be a fine idea (assuming the citizens of both countries agreed!)Ԛ  but I find it bizarre an expat who presumably is anti-Cuba thinks the idea could fly and isn’t overtly hostile to it.


One comment

  1. The idea that Cuba and Venezuela
    join as one nation has never been
    discussed either by Fidel or

    The idea of partnership of Latin
    American countries in strengthening
    their economies and social institutions
    is what both leaders have said
    countless times.

    But the political union of both
    nations into one country is a gross
    misinterpretation of what has
    been discussed in both Cuba and
    Venezuela for the last 7 years.

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