Bush setback = terror alert

Why is there invariably a new terror alert right after the neocons suffer a serious setback?

Lieberman loses (and by implication, the right wing agenda suffers.) Cheney then announces antiwar sentiment helps al-Qaeda, quickly followed by news of a Hideous New Plot to blow stuff up by (it’s alleged but with no actual proof yet) that al-Qaeda may be involved.

This new Hideous Plot was still in the works, nothing has been released about those arrested, and the timing is sure suspicious.

Hey, I don’t want to be in a plane that gets blown up, so if the plot was real, then great, someone did superb police work. But the Bushies are certainly known for hyping terrorist threats as a way to stay in power, so that’s sure a possibility too. It’s not like they aren’t known for Makin’ Shit Up.