US alone again naturally

FoxNews reports the US-French cease-fire resolution is disintegrating with France now joining Arab nations in calling for a complete Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon.

Not even the poodle from Britain appears to be with Dubya now, at least not publicly.

John Robb details one reason Israel is losing – they’ve ignored what 4th generation warfare is.

From the ANSWER Coalition listserv

Israel has just declared all of Lebanon south of the Litani river a kill zone. For this entire twenty mile area of Lebanon, anyone who is in a vehicle will be targeted and destroyed by Israel. People in villages across the south of the country, who are already without water or food, are unable to flee the bombing or get to medical aid.

Killing anything that moves isn’t arguably a war crime, it IS a war crime.

The upcoming August 12 protests are important and have been endorsed by hundreds of organizations. The Lieberman defeat was a bellweather. The majority in the US wants an end to these lunatic wars. Support the people of Lebanon and Palestine. Get in the streets on Saturday in D.C., S.F., L.A., Seattle, and many other cities as well.