Calls for uprising get little response in Cuba

Maybe that’s because Cubans are happy? Free health care, free education, tiny rents for homes, and a feeling they can and do participate in the government are no doubt among the reasons.

Some veteran Cuba-watchers say U.S. moves to influence Cubans fall on deaf ears and expose a lack of understanding about the country.

Wayne Smith, the top U.S. diplomat in Havana during the Carter administration, describes White House expectations of a post-Castro Cuba as “pie in the sky.”

Neocons are trying for ‘regime change in Cuba’, but consider this, maybe the reason there’s little dissent in Cuba, despite decades of US meddling and funding, is because Cubans like their form of government.

As for White House mutterings about the horrid change of power there, Raul Castro took over from Fidel based on the succession of power as laid out in their constitution, just like Cheney would take over here (yikes, scary thought!) if Bush became ill.

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