Dems start to get anti-war

Hillary Clinton calls for Rumsfeld’s resignation

And it sure looks like Holy Joe Lieberman will be defeated this Tuesday in the Connecticut primary. For an incumbent to be defeated in a primary is unusual, for it to be because of an unpopular war, well, all I can say is – Good Morning Vietnam!

I’ve bashed the Kosniks here before (and no doubt will again.) However, it was DailyKos et al that led the charge against Lieberman. Come Tuesday, when Lieberman loses, they will absolutely deserve huge credit.

That Lamont is antiwar lite and no different from Lieberman on Lebanon will be something progressive Dems will be dealing with soon enough. Hey, Hillary’s slamming Rummy was because he botched the war, not because the US should never have invaded in the first place.

All that will come later. For now, it’s obvious that serious dissent is alive and kicking in the country, welling up from the roots, and now even the Democratic hierarchy is forced to listen and respond.

I came of age during the late 60’s. That was an era of major radicalization. We are entering another such era now. Some progressive blogs are pessimistic, others have almost given up, thinking the cause is hopeless. Not so. The darkest hour really is just before dawn.

“We must believe that it is the darkest before the dawn of a beautiful new world. We will see it when we believe it.”
— Saul Alinsky

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