Republicans and military oppose Bush tribunals

The Bush plan to allow them to jail anyone, including citizens, indefinitely without recourse to civilian courts and with greatly reduced rights is running into serious opposition from Republicans and the military. I’d hoped this would happen and am glad it is. This genuinely fascist bill needs to be killed dead with a stake through its heart.

The administration’s plans have sounded alarms in the military’s legal corps and on Capitol Hill, who say the UCMJ is a tried-and-true body of law that is well-regarded around the world.

Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday morning, prior to Gonzales’ remarks, the services’ Judge Advocate Generals said they would not support passing a law that would bar defendants from accessing evidence, which is considered a fundamental right in civilian and military courts.

GOP senators who have been negotiating a final legislative proposal with the administration said they, too, were unconvinced the administration’s position was sound.

Let’s keep the pressure on by blogging, talking about it, and mobilizing against it. Even the Right is appalled by this sickening neocon attack on the Constitution. We need to make sure this bill never passes, with no loopholes, and no way out for the neocons who have now shown their true freedom-hating colors by attempting to destroy the Constitution.

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  1. George Bush and the Neocons have shown their true colors. Meanwhile the Democrats fall in line as if they are part of their plan. Congress in is in onit as well.

    First they murder over 3,000 Americans on 9/11 to create the fear of the new boogeyman…Osama. There is so much eveidence to prove it was an inside job. Anyone who examines the evidence and still does not see a conspiracy is either blind, ingnorant or a coward.

    They then pass the Patriot Act… to extend more power to the one man sitting as president. Granting him right to detain, torture and kill anyone on mere suspiscion. The congrees didn’t even read the Patriot Act and they passed it.

    They claim jurisdiction and soveriegnty over the entire world. Then they kidnap and torture in our name.

    They blew up the levees in the south to practice their new brand of martial law on an entire region of the U.S.

    Then they spie on Americans and search through our financial records.

    Now they want to enact a whole new legal system. One that grants them right to turn America into Amerika, a fascist and despotic nation.

    Elections are being rigged by electronic voting machine and by other criminal means, voter supression and intimidation.

    Where are my fellow “Brave” Americans? Why won’t anyone appose the encroachment on our Constitution. What will it take for Americans to remember that we do have right to change things. We have a right to be free of government in our lives. It’s called the Second Amendment.

    The history books will remember our generation as the ignorant cowards that allowed America to die. Without a stand, without a voice, without a goddamed bullet!

    Revolution is the only way!!!

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