Protest growing against Lebanon invasion


This is borne out by the size and vigour of anti-war protests both here in Britain and around the world. The Downing Street protest called by Stop the War last Friday was significantly larger and angrier than similar protests held over Iraq and Afghanistan.


Protesting for Lebanon revives anti-war movement.
Yesterday (Sunday July 30) Melbourne saw the 3rd big radical demo in 3 weeks against Israel’s latest war.

United States

On August 12, there will be mass marches and rallies in Washington DC, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in support of Lebanon and Palestine.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a mainstream Arab/Muslim group, has endorsed and listed it on their website. Buses will be headed to D.C. from as far away as New York City and Chicago. Here in L.A., we’re also expecting many busloads. Ditto for San Francisco.

Some have asked, why August 12? Why wait so long? It’s because the plans for the demo were formulated as the Lebanon invasion happened. The main demo will be in DC. Arab and Muslim groups are arranging to bus in large numbers of people, and this takes time to do. Plus, you need time to build the demo, to make sure it’ll be as big as possible.

While predicting the size of a protest in advance is tricky, it’s looking like these will be sizable. Be there!

More info at ANSWER Coalition.