Bill Clinton in outer space

Clinton went to Connecticut to campaign for Lieberman, an unusual move given that parties generally have a policy of not backing candidates in a primary, and made doubly so by this being the same Lieberman who viciously attacked Clinton over Monicagate. Clinton’s comments were almost completely nonsensical too, was he drunk?.

“We Democrats have a bad habit, we’re prone to think, and when people are thinking they sometimes disagree,” Mr. Clinton said. “That’s the way we are. If we fight together we should go forward together.”

Thinking is bad? Oh, I see, if someone disagrees with party leadership, then that’s what’s bad. So they should shut up and do as the leaders say. Sorry Bill, but lots of folks refuse to do that. And that’s a good thing. So is dissent, questioning, and thinking.

Calling the war the “pink elephant” in the room, Mr. Clinton said, “The real issue is, whether you were for it or against it, what are we going to do now.”

Another bizarre statement. Plenty of people are talking about the war. It’s hardly a “pink elephant”, which is something that everyone knows is there and not mentioning.

He added, “No Democrat is responsible for the mistakes that have been made since the fall of Saddam Hussein that have brought us to this point.”

Except for those continual votes by Congressional Democrats in support of the war, that is.

For once, I agree with Prickly City.

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