The Empire will strike back

Centrist Democrats ponder how to counter netroots

The Democratic Leadership Council (whom are barely centrist, more like the right flank of the party) are meeting to ponder what to do about netroots, the group loosely led by DailyKos, who have pounded Sen. Lieberman so hard that he may actually lose the senatorial primary in Connecticut on Aug. 8.

Thus, netroots is now inflicting serious damage on mainstream Democratic Party leadership. It’s a given the DLC will counter-attack by sliming, attempting to buy off, red-baiting, and doing whatever they can to destroy netroots, who now arguably pose a threat to them.

Is netroots prepared for this? I doubt it. They suffer from twin delusions; 1) That they can take over the Democratic Party and 2) that they can do it using the net alone. For a group trying to take over the party (their avowed goal) they’ve seemingly gone out of their way to make enemies when they could have made allies instead, a serious (and amateur) blunder. Party insiders now will not ever let them in, and they don’t have the clout or numbers to force their way in. Nor do they have the organizing chops, as everything they do is net-based and thus divorced from the real rough and tumble world of politics.

I’ve blogged before about their tepid politics, and their canonization of Saint Ned, he who will slay the Lieberman ogre, is over the top.

Mayor Daley the First of Chicago famously said, “this ain’t beanbags, politics is a contact sport.” Netroots, however well-intentioned, is about to discover this firsthand.