BlueHost gets it

BlueHost, where this blog is hosted, has had two power outages in five days.

They apologized, then detailed precisely how they’ve fixed the problem. All servers now will have power even if Utah Power and Light is down.

Rumors state that the power issues have been Utah Power and Light having issues. That is true. Why does it affect Bluehost so much, if we have backup generators and UPS systems? Simple. The UPS systems are working as they should be. The generator only works for the second building. Once this was made abundantly clear last Friday, and what it’s impact can be, we started plans to fix the issue.

Here is the problem. Moving 100 servers (85 client boxes and various support systems) takes a lot of work and time. Especially when we do not want to affect customers’ uptime more than they have already been affected.

The second power outage came before we could get the majority of the affected servers on reliable backup power. We pushed forward with an accelerated plan once the outage happened (since they were down anyway) and now have them where we needed them to be.

It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t ideal. It is fixed.

Works for me.