Anti-FTA protests in Korea

South Korean protests are among the most militant and best-organized anywhere. There will be many of them in the coming days in protest against the US-led FTA talks going on there now.

Brian Becker of the ANSWER Coalition reports from Seoul.

South Korean riot police storm peaceful press conference.

Today’s press conference was the kick-off of what will be several days of protests. The fact that the South Korean government sent five hundred riot police to storm a peaceful press conference of 50 activists was a clear sign that it fears the widening opposition to the proposed agreement by a growing number of Korean workers and farmers. It was also a â┚¬Å“good faithâ┚¬Â sign to the Bush administration by the Korean government, which is under pressure to sign an agreement that not only sacrifices the interests of Korean workers and farmers to U.S. transnationals, but also lays bare the essential neo-colonial character of U.S.-South Korean relations

Lenin’s Tomb has comprehensive coverage.

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