While I liked the widgets (Grazr and Stylefeeder) that were here, sometimes they were slowing down the blog, so I took them off. Once their servers can always handle the load, then back they’ll come, as they are fun and useful.

Some blogs link to many outside services and features, which can be great. Except when those servers are slow, because then the blog slows down. Polizeros links to as few outside services as possible so it will load fast.)

Update: Due to popular demand, the widgets are back!


  1. Well Bob when I say the Grazr on your blog I saw an answer to a few of my web flow problems. So I went and created my very first OPML file to handle the growing business of urls I was drowning in.

    Now the Ratbag Radio Network
    has its own Grazr for emporium listening.

    It was , as they say, the trick, the ant’s pants…

    But the best part of the exercise was that I was forced to learn how to OPML — and it’s been a gas. This is the page that got me really going. What with the easy DIY at http://www.opmlmanager.com I feel very proud of myself.

    But my best input was here:
    OPML Compendium.

    So without the initial impetus I’d still be ignorant because I set out to create a Grasr just like the one on Politics in the Zeroes.

    While I note your issues with the device it is so powerful that it is a pity you are dropping it. I’m wondering if it was allocated its own page/post registered at a past date which you could link to –maybe you could bring it back?

    And yes…I am really impressed with the new PSL site. Your hand there? I’ve been telling folk about it as a great example of how to generating fresh content on the one page for everyday political web organising.

  2. Hi Bob. We’ve significantly increased the capabilities of our servers over the past month, are you sure it was Grazr that was slowing down your blog? All of our testing so far has shown that Grazr should load very fast (we’ve been working very hard on that! 🙂 ) We’ve now got lots of extra capacity spread across multiple geographically separate data centers. If it is Grazr, I’d love to do some tests with your blog to see if we can pin down what’s taking the time!

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