LAPD brutality video (full version)

Unprovoked attacks by Los Angeles police. From the counter-protest called by to protest a Minutemen march in Hollywood on July 8, 2006.

Man in white shirt on left walks towards police, is clubbed. Others are clubbed, person in wheelchair knocked over. Screams of “he’s mentally retarded.” Officer on bike deliberately smashes into two people standing there videoing. Other cops club them, even after they’re on the ground. After several seconds of them not moving, cop clubs them again and is pushed back by another cop.

Watch the video on YouTube

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  1. […] Jose Villa was videoing LAPD during the anti-Minutemen protest called by ANSWER LA last Saturday. As the YourTube video shows, he and Christen Westberry were standing still when an LAPD officer on a bicycle stopped next to them, picked up his bike, slammed it into them, pushing them into other police who then clubbed until they were lying on the pavement – then continued beating them. […]

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  3. When everything is going crazy, people need to learn to get out of the cops way. They dont know who is is a bystander, and who has a gun.

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