Psycho killers in Iraq

Four US soldiers were charged yesterday with the rape and murder of a young Iraqi woman, then killing her parents and five-year-old sister to eliminate witnesses.

So, they raped her while her parents were forced to watch? Wow, it takes a mighty big man to shot a five-year old after raping her fourteen-year old sister at gunpoint.

Iraq, under the onerous rules of the occupation, is not allowed to prosecute such crimes – or any crime, for that matter – committed by a member of the US military (and also contractors, I believe.) That’s right, they are specifically exempt from being prosecuted for *anything* by the Iraq government, including rape and murder, a sickening piece of colonialist nastiness.

Police abuses in Iraq detailed. Didn’t US military say they were training Iraqi police? Ah, what’s that you say? Yes, they did train them, and in their likeness too…

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