Not ready for prime time Ned

Ned Lamont needed a knockout last night in his debate against Sen. Joe Lieberman to boost his long-shot campaign in the Democratic primary on Aug. 8. Instead, he seemed a flopping fish out of water instead.

From The Hartford Courant

Unlike the collegial tone employed in his vice presidential debate with Dick Cheney in 2000, Lieberman was alternately caustic and dismissive, leaving Lamont wide-eyed and visibly rattled in the opening minutes of the one-hour confrontation.

Politus says, Ned Lamont: This Year’s Howard Dean

On Tuesday I said, Lieberman will win. This inept performance by Lamont solidifies it. He’s done.

Not sure why Netroots likes to back obvious losers, but they do.

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  1. Wow,did you watch the same debate? I thought he did well cpmpared to watching Lieberman recite GOP talking points and act like a bully what impressed you about Lieberman’s performance?

    It seems from a distance that if KOS or anyone else approves of a cnadiate you seem inclined to run them down. Why is that?

  2. Lamont is Antiwar Lite, a not surprising choice from the netroots, who pretend to be liberal but are actually libertarian and thus represent the right flank of the Democratic Party.

    My own take is they’ve been co-opted and bought into the system they say they want to change. Their tepid pretense at change is no change at all. Saying that netroots, a net-based organization with no actual real-life grassroots organizing in local communities, will be able to take over the Democratic Party all by themselves is delusionary. It shows they know little about organizing or the real world of politics.

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