Craig Murray threatened with legal action

The British authorities are threatening legal action against Craig Murray due to his new book, Murder in Samarkland, which details the US/British policy of sending prisoners to Uzbekistan to be tortured.

They blocked him from putting some of his documenting evidence into the book so he put them online. Now they want those gone too based on a bizarre legal strategy, not saying the document are classified, but that they belong to the crown and thus are copyrighted. Sounds bogus, doesn’t it?

I guess they don’t know the Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.

From the comments to our post on the release of the book.

Please note that the British government is taking legal action against Murray for having published these documents. See my blog [Leninology] for the letter and e-mail exchange with the government’s solicitor. International blogs should face no legal difficulties in *mirroring* the documents from Murray’s site and putting them up for general view, of course.

BlairWatch is mirroring the files, and has continuing updates, as of course does Craig Murray. They are still on British servers, but may not be much longer.

Polizeros now has a mirror of the documents (12.8 mb download).

The more sites that mirror the files, the better. Bloggers, start your downloads.

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