Lieberman will win

He’s noxious, worse than a mere DINO, hideous on the war and women’s rights. But it’s still quite probable that Lieberman will win in Connecticut. Netroots may have bungee-jumped into a race they can’t win.

Lieberman, a three-term senator, held a seemingly comfortable lead over Lamont among Democrats a month ago in a Quinnipiac University poll. He was preferred by 57 percent of Democrats to 32 percent for Lamont.

A June poll by Quinnipiac University predicts Lieberman winning with 56 percent of the vote if he runs as an unaffiliated candidate.

Yes, these polls were in June, and yes the race will tighten. But that’s a big lead, and voters there (I grew up in Connecticut) genuinely like him – even liberals, even those opposed to the war.

Anti-war protest needs to go deeper than backing the multi-millionaire Lamont, who has no political experience, is self-financing his run, and at best is Anti-war Lite.

It appears as of now that Lamont will put all his eggs in the primary basket. Should he lose then he will be a good Democratic lemming and march along with the pro-war Lieberman “for the good of the party”. What hogwash!

Lemmings like this won’t end the war.[tags]Joe Lieberman, Ned Lamont[/tags]


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