Obrador leads with 88% of vote counted

The lead of Mexico’s leftist presidential candidate narrowed to less than 1.5 percentage points over his conservative rival on Wednesday with results in from almost 88 percent of polling stations in the recount of a fiercely contested election.

It was still to soon to say if Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s lead would hold.

This Reuters article is so biased it’s almost comical. The MSM just can’t quite bring itself to accept the obvious, that Obrador is ahead and will probably win. It just wasn’t supposed to happen this way. All the pundits proclaimed the right wing candidate would triumph. Yet now a populist friend-of-Chavez is poised for victory.

Plus, as Left i on the News points out, it wasn’t a recount at all, considering this count included 2.5-3.5 million votes they forgot to count before.

Update: It’s narrowing, we’ll know soon enough.

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  1. Not to say that Reuters isn’t biased, but I wouldn’t be too quick to pull the trigger for AMLO yet…gus lead has shrunk down to 0.84% with 92% of the vote counted….and most of the district votes not counted are in Calderon strongholds….so there is still the very believable chance that AMLO might lose after all.

    I’m definitely rooting for AMLO…but things aren’t as rosy as they seemed earlier.

    Anthony Kennerson
    Lafayette, LA

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