Gnomedex. New sites.

Melodeo. “Podcast listening experience” with social networks. Assemble playlists, sync them with your cell. Listen to a podcast at home, stop in the middle, then pick up in the same spot on your cell.

Blue Dot. The intersection of social networks and information. Real easy to use. Just launched. Looks hot.

. “Airfare Predictions. We help you decide if you should buy now or wait.” Then you can book direct with the airline, saving fees.

Pixsy. Photo and video search. Aggregates them from everywhere, categorizes and tags them. Can be used as the engine to power whatever kind of image search engine you want to create.

Blubrry. Will distribute your podcast, inserting ads which you get a cut from. If you don’t want ads, all they ask is you mention blubrry in the podcast. Also a search engine and aggregator.