Gnomedex: Dave Dederer

Dave’s band, The Presidents of the United Sates of America, has had commercial success, and has also sold a ton of copies on iTunes. With the Net, small unknown bands have a real chance to get noticed without going through normal record company channels. He cited two Seattle teenagers, utter unknowns, whose mp3 on MySpace sometimes gets 12,000 downloads a day.

He mentioned alternate methods of getting your music out there which include 1) the Independent Online Distribution Alliance, IODA, which “distributes thousands of releases from independent labels to digital music outlets around the world, ” handling licensing and paying royalties and 2) Eventful Demand, which creates viral campaigns to bring performers to your town.

He’s also involved with Pyramid Communications, “a full-service public affairs firm dedicated to socially responsible causes.” That’s another thing about Gnomedex people, nobody does just one thing. Everyone has multiple projects going on.