How do we restore common sense to government?
We restore the influence of common citizens

CivicEvolution is a free, non-partisan online public service for grassroots deliberation and collaboration.

We provide the tools and resources groups need to create and manage deliberative projects with clear objectives and actionable outcomes.

Our on-demand tools empower groups and keep them focused on their goals.

I spoke with Brian Sullivan at the opening Gnomedex party Thursday night about CivicEvolution, which is in development. He envisions a website with powerful tools to help grassroots organizers come together, decide what they want to do, then do it.

The highly configurable software walks participants through the entire process. First, meeting each other, then proposing a project, getting feedback, voting on it, forming teams, and taking action. The software for each phase is specifically geared to that phase, and he’s given all of this serious thought.

As one who is involved in organizing, it’s clear to me that CivicEvolution could be a seriously powerful and useful tool. He’s looking for beta testers, people to spread the word, and funding. Check it out.