Kos: Yesterday’s Hero, Today’s Goat

From the august Columbia Journalism Review

The current issue of Newsweek features a provocative takedown of Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, also known as Kos, the titan of the blogging left who has come under heavy fire lately from his fellow bloggers for “Kosola” and from the MSM (see Brooks, David, New York Times) for hubris and greed.

The Newsweek piece, by Jonathan Darman, features such lines as “It seems as though the rock-thrower is growing up”; “Moulitsas is also learning another downside of membership in the elite: the bigger the liberal sniper gets, the more incoming fire he faces”; and “The pressure on Moulitsas — to be consistent, to be pragmatic, to win — will only grow as the fall elections approach. Already, the strain of the spotlight is beginning to show in his growing belligerence and paranoia.”

Bring on the bloggers.

Some bloggers, such as Blue Crab Boulevard, considered the wider implications of the Kos coverage. Asking whether the “Koz Kidz” are ready for the spotlight, the blogger writes, “So the more they react, the harder the media scrutinizes. The more rage they respond with, the more coverage they will get. Not positive coverage, either. This will not get prettier or easier for Kos. The real danger here is that if the media drags him down, they will be trying really hard to bring down all bloggers at the same time.”

“The knives are out,” Blue Crab concludes. “Ready for prime time?”