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Politus, a centrist Democrat, details how Jerome Armstrong got paid $24,000 upfront plus $5,000 a month for “Website Design & Hosting” for the ongoing Sherrod Brown campaign. Here’s the kicker.

Kosola: Opinions for sale

Question: Who on earth pays that much for a website?

I have some experience in this. I have designed, developed and maintained campaign websites for candidates in high-profile U.S. Senate campaigns, and the charges involved were nowhere near what Armstrong is getting from Brown. It is so far over the top and out of the realm of normal website fees that it cries out for closer examination.

It get stinkier, DailyKos backed Brown’s opponent until Brown signed on.

Markos flip-flopped immediately after Jerome started cashing Brown’s checks. DailyKos had been a vociferous booster of Brown’s primary opponent, but Markos suddenly dumped him like a diseased whore, loudly embracing Brown instead.

Rogers Cadenhead, who started The Drudge ReTort (not RePort) has more on Armstrong’s troubles with the SEC, and his stock touting.

Due Diligence reveals Jerome Armstrong’s stock touting

Though Armstrong’s message board postings related to Bluepoint are no longer available on Raging Bull, I found dozens of messages on the InvestorsHub site in which he promoted a related company before a merger, never revealing he was issued 25,000 shares in the deal.

The hard right Rielh World View weighs in with the well-documented, MyDD not disbursing funds to candidates

Netroots, DailyKos and MyDD, tout themselves as the new politics, free of taint and monied interests, yet this seems no difference at all.

They also appear more than a bit naive. From Newsweek –

When Kosola broke, Moulitsas e-mailed fellow progressive activists, wondering who might be shopping the story. “I’ve gotten reliable tips that Hillary’s operation has been digging around my past (something I confronted them about, btw, and never got a denial), and you know the Lieberman/DLC/TNR camp is digging as well,” he wrote, referring to the centrist Democratic Leadership Council and The New Republic. (Aides to Senators Clinton and Lieberman deny the allegations in the e-mails.)

Um, Kos, you wrote a book saying how netroots plans to take over the Democratic Party. You’re expecting the entrenched interests are just going to roll over and play dead?


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