Save Lewis The Cat!


Lewis is the name of a cat from Fairfield, Connecticut who garnered mass media attention for being placed under house arrest in March 2006.

I am not making this up…

Neighbors say they have been terrorized by Lewis, claiming the cat’s long claws and stealth have allowed it to attack at least a half-dozen people and ambush the Avon lady as she was getting out of her car.

Are we are to believe that she did nothing to provoke the attack??? Maybe he didn’t like her perfume. Plus, adult humans who think 24 year old cats are terrorists might need to be catching a ride on the Clue Train instead.

The Best Friends Animal Society of Kanab, Utah, which claims to be the country’s largest no-kill animal sanctuary, has offered to take Lewis free of charge.

The saga continues. FREE LEWIS!



  1. Not for anything… If any animal attacks a human, it should be put down. Period.

    Domesticated animals should be trained to never attack a human. If you can’t keep your animal from attacking people, it’s your responsibility to monitor the animal and/or protect the public from it. If you can’t handle that responsibility , then you should not have an animal.

  2. In response to Woody, I agree with all of your statements but the first. Yes
    a person should be in control of their pet, keeping the animal and the public
    safe from attacks, but this country needs to move away from the “solution” of
    killing animals as the only solution “period.” I think if you made one mistake
    and had to face the possibility of being put down, you would disagree with this
    snap decision so frequently made as well.

  3. Who cares what happens to human beings! Cats enliven our otherwise boring lives! Now, is this the message we send to other humans?

  4. There was once a cat in our neighborhood named Charlie who was just like Lewis. My family and pets
    learned to keep an eye out for Charlie….and yes, I had to chase him out of our house a few times (he
    wasn’t there on a good will mission).
    But there was no need to end his life. We learned how to deal with each other. We co-existed just fine.

    I had a cat like Lewis. His name was Fluff. He passed away peacefully at age 17. Our family had
    constant scrathes, dried blood and bruises on our arms and legs. We knew better than to walk near the
    bottoms of furniture like couches, chairs, the kitchen table or beds; or reach into areas we couldn’t
    see, like closet spaces. It’s interesting though, after all these years and many pets later, it’s those two
    cats we laugh and tell stories about. We miss their spunk and differentness. We vote for Lewis!

  5. It’s a cat, folks, a CAT!!! What kind of future are we heading towards if people are afraid to walk the streets because a CAT is “terrorizing” a neighborhood. I’m just totally in shock that people are fearful and are suing someone because of a CAT!!! Give me a break. People are just way too sue-crazy these days. How I wish we had the pride and dignity of our grandparents. They weren’t out to get someone and get rich, they had class.

  6. Their is no need to kill Lewis as “Woody say to put him down”
    He might just need some extra time being played with. Killing is not the answer.

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