Democrats pretend to dissent

Congress plunged into divisive election-year debate on the Iraq war Thursday as the U.S. military death toll reached 2,500.

Hey, it’s not their kids getting maimed and dying, now is it?

The Senate soundly rejected a call to withdraw combat troops by year’s end, and House Republicans laid the groundwork for their own vote.

In a move Democrats criticized as gamesmanship, Senate Republicans brought up the withdrawal measure and quickly dispatched it â┚¬â€ for now â┚¬â€ on a 93-6 vote.

93-6. That’s means all but six Democrats joined the Republicans in the “gamesmanship” and cheerily ignored the will of the voters, the majority of whom now clearly oppose the war, saying it was, at best, a mistake.

The nays were Feingold, Boxer, Byrd, Harkin, Kennedy, and Kerry.

6 out 100, and the whole lot of them have known for years the “justification” for the Iraq War was based on lies, evasion, and deception. something they should be screaming from the Senate floor. But this cosy lot of multi-millionaires won’t ever seriously rock the boat, goodness, such rash moves might impact their investment portfolio and cause country club admissions to be rescinded. Can’t have that happen.

The real change will come, as it always does, from the people. Progressives need to realize that electing Democrats in November will change little. This vote is a clear example of that, demonstrating how Democrats do not stand in opposition to the Bush agenda (nor do they have much of anything they will fight for.)

That’s why we have to do it.