Guantanamo suicides a ‘PR move’

A top US official has described the suicides of three detainees at the US base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as a “good PR move to draw attention”.

Well…no. They killed themselves out of despair. The US official’s comment however was a deeply bad PR move, as it shows the US to be callous beyond belief, absorbed only with its own image, and clueless as to how the planet perceives it.

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  1. It beggars belief that anybody can see suicides as a PR move. The following quote says something about the mental state of the inmates.:
    LONDON (Reuters) – A British man held for two and a half years at the U.S.’s Guantanamo prison camp said on Sunday he was shocked that three inmates had hanged themselves but said treatment of prisoners there made suicide attempts inevitable.

    Shafiq Rasul, who was held at the Guantanamo camp in Cuba after being arrested in Afghanistan, said that while he was there, inmates who were subjected to constant beatings and interrogations had attempted to take their own lives.
    “I was shocked, but at the same time it is inevitable that something like that would happen,” he told Sky Television.

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