Akaka Bill fails

The Akaka Bill was an attempt to bring some limited self-government to Native Hawaiians. Some in the burgeoning Hawiian sovereignty movement opposed it as too little, the Right has savagely attacked it whenever it could. The sovereignty movement continues to gain momentum, even if there are speed bumps.

Okay, one last post before I go…

The vote on the cloture motion just failed, 56-41 (60 needed). Akaka bill will not be brought to the Senate floor for full debate and vote.

I think the bill is effectively dead for this session.

There’s always another day.

Get up, stand up
stand up for your rights
Get up, stand up
Don’t give up the fight

— Bob Marley (who lived on another colonized island)

Their land and sovereignty was stolen from native Hawaiians by force, with the complicity and aid of the US government. They want it back. So would you.

IZThis Hawaiian Man

We, the voices behind the face,
Of the Hawaiian nation, the Hawaiian race
Rise for justice the day has come
For all our people to stand as one,

We the warriors born to live
On what the land and sea can give
Defend our birthright to be free
Give our children liberty
— Israel Kamakawiwo`ole

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