Lenin’s Tomb gets grumpy

It’s probably mere pedantry on my part, but the US were suggesting that Zarqawi was their most dangerous opponent in Iraq even when according to their figures his organisation was responsible for a measly six out of three thousands attacks.

And while Zarqawi may well be dead, hasn’t he been reported dead several times before too?

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  1. So he’s dead. So what? The major resistance has been from non-jihadist Sunnis fearful of losing their power and former Ba’athist army groups who melted away (along with their expertise, weaponry, and 250 million tons of ammo and weapons) into the population.

    Dubya will strut around for a few days until the Ba’athist blow up the American embassy, or something equally spectacular. I’m surprised he didn’t wait until October to do this. That’s the Rove way.

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