Podcast: Bill Paparian, primary night

Would it be all politicians were like Bill Paparian. He’s antiwar, a tireless worker to end the embargo on Cuba, active in environmental groups, and says George Bush should be impeached. He is a lawyer and former mayor of Pasadena, CA.

Perhaps the most moving part of his speech, recorded at his primary night election party at the Pasadena Hilton on June 6, was detailing why he became a lawyer. He and Ed Begley Jr. were classmates at Van Nuys High in the 60’s. Both studied acting. Paparian, although antiwar then too, joined the Marines out of a sense of duty, planning to resume acting. One day a black Marine was severely beaten by members of the KKK (who had an active chapter on the base.) He befriended the black Marine, began reading the manuals and rules of law, and helped him get an early release. He said, I didn’t realize it at the time, but he was my first client. Paparian decided then and there to become a lawyer so he could use the system to help people, something he continues doing to this day.

That’s the kind of lawyer we need in D.C. Paparian4Congress.com.

mp3 (28:43, 9.48 mb)

(full disclosure: I designed Paparian’s website and received a modest amount for doing so.)


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