LGBT Rights

He is a divider, not a uniter. And even in this era of ultra-political polarization he’s willing to tilt to those who want to divide Americans rather than those who would unite them.

In fact, as a zillion analysts â┚¬â€ many of them conservatives â┚¬â€ have noted, there is ZERO CHANCE this amendment will pass. Bush is doing this to fire up his conservative base, and try and contrast the GOP with the Democrats, and get his religious right political troops out to help the GOP hold on to Congress in 2006.

That’s our president. Gay-bashing for votes. Stomach-turning, isn’t he?

Join ANSWER in LA’s LGBT Pride Parade
March for Equality 37 years after Stonewall!
This Sunday, June 11, 9:30 am
Crescent Heights & Santa Monica

ANSWER LA LGBT Pride parade truck

I’ve driven the truck the past few times. It’s a fun event, we’re usually about the only political group participating, and we always get lots of cheers.

The photo shows us last year. If you’re in LA, join us this year!

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