‘US risking another fiasco in Somalia’

The United States is now reportedly backing some of the same warlord factions that helped drive the US out of Somalia more than a decade ago.

The warlord alliance said to be receiving US funding for weapons purchases is losing control of Mogadishu to militias affiliated with sharia courts.

They may have already lost Mogadishu, Somali Islamic militia claim Mogadishu victory

One reason for US reticence on this subject may be that the financing of warlord factions would amount to a violation of the United Nations’ arms embargo against Somalia.

Those darn pesky agreements again. Surely the Imperial Bushites should be allowed to ignore any such bothersome strictures.

So they’ve backed those who used to oppose them, and managed to lose the capitol in the process. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, underneath all the macho bluster, the neocons are incompetent, virtually every imperialist adventure of theirs has been a dismal failure.


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