Podcast: Gloria La Riva. Revolutionary Venezuela

Inside the Bolivarian Revolution

Gloria La Riva discusses recent developments in Venezuela, why the U.S. government is bent on overthrowing the revolutionary process and talks about what progressives and revolutionaries living in the U.S. can do to show solidarity with the Venezuelan people. Among other topics, she focuses on the major gains in education and health care there.

La Riva is a PSL leader from San Francisco and active in the Committee to Free the Five. She has travelled extensively to Venezuela and Cuba.

mp3 (49:05, 16.8mb)

Recorded at a Party for Socialism and Liberation meeting in L.A. May 26, 2006.


  1. Bob, I’m not technically up on all this, but this file as posted, when downloaded to a Mac, appears as a .mpga file, not a .mp3 file. It can be imported directly into iTunes on the desktop, but attempting to drag it into an iPod produces a “this type of file can’t be played” message. Fortunately, iTunes has a “convert to MP3 format” menu, so you can do that, producing a copy of the original, and then drag that to the iPod. I’m pretty sure this shouldn’t be needed, by which I mean almost every other mp3 file I download from whereever can be played directly on the iPod without this conversion step. So I think you’re doing something slightly wrong.

  2. Thx!

    I just resaved it a different way. Maybe you could try again. I noticed all previous podcasts had “Encoder: LAME” while this one had “Encoder: FhG.” So I tweaked it until it saved with an encoder of LAME. Have not a clue what Encoder is or why Macs didn’t like it (if that’s the problem) but maybe this new version will make a difference.

    Video formats are even more complicated…

    There’s another one coming tomorrow too from the same Forum.

  3. I don’t know if the encoder made any difference. The problem is that the files have a “.mpga” ending; just changing that to “.mp3” allows them to be directly download to an iPod. Likewise with the Ian talk above.

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