No bill is better than a bad bill

The Senate immigration bill which passed yesterday needs to be reconciled with the noxious Sensenbrenner bill which has already passed in the House. The troglodytes there will do their utmost to destroy the Senate version. This fight will be nasty, but really, it’s a choice between a onerous, restrictive Senate bill and a racist, mean-spirited House version.

The Senate version mandates a three-tiered system, sending back some immigrants immediately, and some after they’ve performed their 3-6 years of indentured servitude, excuse me, I meant to say “employment.”

The House bill makes it a felony to help any undocumented worker, that’s right, it would be a felony. That means a nun who runs a soup kitchen where undocumented are fed could go to prison. There’s lots more zenophobia and racism in the bill too.

Both bills mandate building a security fence for hundreds of miles at the U.S./Mexico border, no doubt as a symbol of freedom for the world to see.

Both bills are bad. No bill at all is better than either of them.

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  1. You deleted my comments.

    What are you afraid of? Mine were certainly more polite and reasonable than the negative BS vituperative propaganda you post here.

    All you’ve done is inspire me to vigorously oppose you and your agenda.

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