Sync your cell phone to Yahoo

I just discovered yet another neat feature on Yahoo. You can sync your cell phone address book to Yahoo AND sync Yahoo Calendar to your cell. This is really powerful.

I use Yahoo Calendar as my primary calendar as it can send reminders of appointments at times I specify to email or my cell, an incredibly useful feature.

Now I can sync everything. It took about 3 minutes to do the first sync, and now my address book and calendar are a) synced and b) backed up.

More than Google, more Microsoft, more than anyone else, Yahoo really gets wireless.

(Note:””This service is only available to Cingular and T-Mobile subscribers with SyncML compatible mobile phones.”)


  1. Sure, now the government not only knows everyone you call, but everywhere you’ll be and everyone you know! Good plan!

  2. Being as I’m active in ANSWER and have this mouthy blog, I sort of assumed they might sometimes be peeking at what I’m doing.

    You too, my leftie friend.

  3. No doubt, but they definitely don’t have access to my calendar or my list of contacts, which are all on my Palm and synced exclusively to my home computer. Not that there’s anything really private and certainly not illegal in any of that, but it’s still information I prefer to keep private.

  4. Right wing attacks won’t be, but how about left wing attacks? Sounds a little partisan to me. Just like the war, I guess. Well, feel free to allow this to post. Or not. –=RJ

  5. yes, syncing the address book works with newer phnes but what about the ones with older phones?
    i found that this is possible using sim manager 2 and it has sync with google as welll

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