U.S. hypocrisy on Venezuela

U.S. officially bans arms sales to Venezuela

Washington accuses the Chavez government of not cooperating with its anti-terrorism efforts.

Which means…what? Notice how vague the allegations against Venezuela are.

“This focuses on concerns [over] the relationship they have built up with states like Iran and Cuba, state sponsors of terror â┚¬Â¦ which has made it very difficult for the United States to work on anti-terrorism efforts with them.”

There’s nothing specific here. Just the usual neocon slime by innuendo with little or no actual fact. No doubt they will whine about how horrid Venezuela is if (when?) Venezuela retaliates by cutting off oil supplies to the US.

In Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, Rodriguez said the United States “is the most terrorist nation,” citing its refusal to deport Luis Posada Carriles to face charges that while he was in Venezuela he plotted the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed 73 people. Carriles is in U.S. custody on immigration charges.”It is the height of cynicism,” Rodriguez said of U.S. accusations against his country.

Posada has boasted of bombing the airliner, so, unlike the Bush slime, these charges are quite well-documented.


  1. Read the post here (and links therein) as far as Cuba being a “state sponsor of terror.” It’s complete nonsense, not a shred of actual rationale or evidence behind it. So now Venezuela is even further removed. What a load of crap.

  2. Bob,

    The stuff that’s printed about Venezuela is amazing. It’s such a perfect example of how the corporate media operates to demonize leaders the elite do not like. Great post.

    dave buccola

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