Richard Thompson

Sue and I saw Richard Thompson on Thursday night. He co-founded Fairport Convention, the seminal Brit folk revival band, in the 60’s, and has been performing ever since.

This show was titled ‘1000 Years of Popular Music.’ Ably backed by Judith Owen on keyboard and vocals and Debra Dobkin on percussion and vocals, they did everything from 13th century madrigals through sea shantys, Gilbert and Sullivan, labor union songs, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Kinks, American Folk, Cole Porter, Nat King Cole, opera, Squeeze, and closing with “Oops I did it again” by Britney, the music of which he said was indistinguishable from a 16th century dance tune.

The astounding thing was – it wasn’t imitative and they weren’t doing covers. They took the songs and made them their own. That they were able to do such a multitude of styles so effortlessly demonstrates their love of the music and their stone cold professionalism. It was a great night.

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