“Out of Iraq, Into Darfur?”

Working Assets, the long distance phone company that donates to progressive causes, is championing a truly noxious idea, that the U.S. get out of Iraq and instead invade Sudan. Their slogan is ‘Out of Iraq into Darfur.’ No doubt, Working Assets would want this to be a ‘humanitarian mission’ but does anyone believe that’s what the neocons would do?

To promote a new imperialist intervention as a cure for the previous intervention is clueless as well as being complicit in the Bush agenda, an odd position indeed for a supposedly progressive organization.

Counterpunch has more, including how Zionists and the neocons are using Darfur as a way to deflect attention from Palestine – and maybe planning ‘regime change’ too.

Just saying no to imperial intervention in Sudan

We’re talking about a rally [on May 2 in D.C.] urging a U.S./NATO intervention in Africa’s largest country, legitimated by the UN strong-armed by a thuggish neocon-led administration in Washington. We’re talking potentially about regime change in Africa’s second-largest oil producer, in the context of planned U.S. strikes against Syria and Iran. Should anyone in the antiwar movement with a minimal knowledge or recent history be comfortable with that, or suppose that it could be fully benign?

What IS Working Assets thinking? Why would ‘progressives’ favor more military intervention by the U.S. in yet another country?


  1. Probably thinking about 200,000 killed in a racist campaign of genocide, and hundreds of thousands others who WILL die in the coming months and years after being driven off the land by guerillas loyal to the central government, whose oil has bought it a certain about of political cache, particularly with the Chinese.

    Darfur is another Rwanda. There are decent arguments that can be made in favor of international intervention to prevent the slaughter. The problem is whether international intervention can solve the politcal problem. That, of course, leaves with the rather unpalatable, though possibily unavoidable problem of having to sacrifice hundreds of thousands who are being murdered.

  2. I have absolutely no trust that US forces there would do the right thing. None whatsoever. Iran, Afghanistan, etc. amply demonstrates that.

  3. Then, if US forces were available, you’d be prepared to sacrifice a million people for your suspicions?

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